One of the most exiting exercises I have done in my lifetime was to create my 101 list.

What is a 101 list? It’s a list of all the things you would like to do, be or have in your lifetime if time or money were not an issue.

When you start to do this list it will be very hard to write many of the things you want down on paper because they will seem so out of reach at first, and you will have the tendency to leave them off your list. This is a big mistake. This exercise is designed to get you dreaming and believing again.

Remember when you were a kid and though t that anything was possible. You dreamt of being a professional athlete, buying your ranch in Colorado, living in paradise, flying a plane. Bring all those dreams back and write them down.

When you start this exercise you will probably find it hard to get past 30 or 40 things, and most of them will probably be material things like buying a car or a boat and so on. This is the time to push through and really go into your archives and remember all those things you wanted as a kid, all those times you read a magazine or saw a T.V. show and said I wish I could do that. Only once you write these down on paper will you get closer to them.

You’re probably saying “Ya right” I could never realistically do that. But I am here to tell you that you can, because once upon a time I said the same thing.

Of course I haven’t accomplished everything on my list, but there are sure a lot more check marks then if I had never written them down. Some of those check marks are even things I would have said five years ago were never possible.

I wish I could take credit for this exercise, but thousands of very successful people before me have taught me this. Sure it might be hard for you to believe, and all the things on your list might not happen, but what if they did?

Don’t wait any longer, start making your dreams a reality today!

Below are some of the 101s I have used to create amazing dreams – push yourself to come up with great reason, trust me this is magical and works.

• 101 qualities in my perfect partner

• 101 reasons why I must earn $1000 per day

• 101 reason my business will succeed

Have fun.

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