Let’s pretend that you are now the greatest money manifesting magnet ever. What would you now do with yourself? What would you wish for? Where would you go? What kind of life would you live? Would you go on a dream vacation? Would you buy a new home a new car? Would you give gifts to everyone in your life who needs help?

1. What you want to do with the money you are hoping to manifest is the first thing ingredient to manifesting more money. A great number of people fail to manifest more money simply because they don’t know what they would do with it once they have it. You see what you want is not just money but the quality of energy that money brings as well as the quality of things you would buy with that money. All of these things equal money. Knowing what you want is essential.

2. Money will come into your life in proportion to the energy you are holding. So if your desire is to manifest lots of low quality things in your life that is the sort of money you will manifest. You will manifest just enough money to get you low quality goods.

3. Learn to understand the inner workings of the mind in order to increase your chances of manifesting with greater success. When you know how the mind works you can have a better ability to create a new reality. Not knowing how the mind works with its surrounds will cause you to fail at a half attempt in attracting.

4. You manifest what you want by moving into the energy of the thing that you want. Right now you are living and functioning outside of the thing that you want. You are not functioning inside of it. You do that by experiencing it as much as you can. You experience the energy of a thing by being with it, paying attention to it. The more you include a thing in your space the easier it is to manifest more of it.

5. By engaging in the energy of the things that you want money will flow to you in proportion to those things. IF you need is just enough to pay the bills then the money you manifest will be just enough to pay the bills.

There are a few ancient techniques to really sky rocket all your goals towards manifesting what you want. There are the practical methods and the spiritual methods. It’s necessary to use both.

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